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Apple Support UK 0800 756 3355, connect with Apple helpline UK, dedicated support for Apple Mac, iPad, iTunes, Contact Apple Support UK Phone Number.

0800 756 3355

Apple Support Number Phone UK Contact HelplineApple Support Number UK

1. Call > Connect > Talk to spot-on Apple support Phone Number for your iMac, MacBook, iPods, and iPhones, iTunes, iCloud and Apple ID, including billing and sales query.

2. Discuss your issues with an Apple expert for all Help & Support you need.

3. Satisfactory diagnose whether the issue is related to hardware or software.

4. Contact Apple help over the call, dial technical Apple support phone number UK 0800 107 6285.

Contact Sales Apple Support UK Phone Number

  1. So call and connect with sales Apple support number 0800 048 0408.
  2. If your query is for business purchase dial Apple helpline 0800 058 2222.
  3. School, college or university sales Phone Apple support number 0800 912 0207.
  4. Apple Support Number for Beats call 0800 028 2329.

Apple Mac Support Contact Phone Number?

If you have one of these issues with your Apple Mac don’t hesitate phone the Apple Support number:Contact apple mac support phone number uk

  • macOS and OS X trouble.
  • Email problems, sending, receiving and other email communications glitch.
  • Issues printing from your Apple Mac.
  • iCloud, App Store and Apple ID issues on your Apple Mac.
  • Slow and sluggish Mac performance.
  • IF you are worried about a Mac security check with an Apple expert Phone Apple support number.
  • Learn when its time to think of a new Apple Mac, ask Apple Support advisors.
  • What are Bootcamp and parallels? which one is a better option for your Mac.
  • Mac data migration and recovery, and many more.
  • In simple words, all Apple Mac concerns solved in one place, Contact Apple support number.

What if only Time Machine has your contacts backup, how to put it back on the mac again?

After a clean macOS install you realized that your contacts are only backup to the Time Machine, don’t worry this simple step will help you restore them. This solution is also extremely handy when you don’t want your mac to be restored from time machine, rather just contacts. Hence you can simply copy the “AddressBook” folder hidden in the library folder of your time machine and replace it with the current “AddressBook”.

How to unhide hidden mac files including library on your mac?

So after you open the user’s folder, press and hold the ( Shift on the left + Command and then press dot (.) key). This unhides those hidden files and they would appear in a very faint blue color.

The final step is to replace your current “AddressBook” folder from the hidden library section with the  Time machine back “AddressBook” folder.

Therefore after you unhide library folder goto > Application support > then replace the “AddressBook” folder. To some people, this step may sound tricky so contact our Apple support experts over the phone.

Apple macOS upgrade update and Restore Support

Based on the usage of various apps and software, some macOS updates or new upgrade could cause disaster. Therefore, the only choice we may have is to either rollback to downgrade to an earlier date. Hence your best companion in situations like these is Time machine backup. Understand the full-time machine backup functionality via an Apple support specialist call the phone number. Sometimes restoring the system to an earlier date is the only permanent solution.

Steps to restore from a Time machine backup

  1. Turn off your Mac( either by pressing the power button at the back or via the Apple menu method).
  2. on the left side of the keyboard Press and hold Command(CMD)+ R and power on your Mac.
  3. Continue to press and hold these two keys until you see the Apple logo.
  4. Here you are either taken to the choose the language or Mac os utility apple support time machine back up Phone number
  5. Note: this is for those who set up these internal hard drives as mac os backup. Since the biggest problem is when your internal hard drive fails. So always remember to use an external HD or a time capsule for a time machine backup.
  6. A successful time machine back up brings all your favorite apps back in working conditions, contact Apple support advisor for quick help.

Learn how to set up your Apple mac mail successfully

It is certainly annoying when you lose your mac mail abilities to send or receive emails. This email problem could be accompanied by one of the following most common mac mail issues.

  • Delivery mail packet stuck in the outbox of your mac mail.
  • Unable to verify the mail server settings even though you have entered the correct credentials.
  • Repeated notifications to remind about the password demand, that is your email password is wrong.
  • While setting up your account, you can not add the new account due to an unknown error.
  • Note: please ensure that your email credentials(user name & the password is correct), you can check this by logging in to the webmail server of the particular email client.
  • POP users must be careful while fixing your email issues and must consult our Apple support UK phone experts because there is a chance of losing your sent items and email folders.

Configure and add an email account on your Mac mail?

  • Note: If you never had an email account setup before and when you launch email clients its prompts to choose the provider. The most common email provider servers are there, choose “other” if you don’t find your current provider.Mac Mail setup help Apple Support UK Phone Number
  • Remember for personalized email clients you may ask to enter incoming and outgoing server settings manually. Situations like these you may either seek help from our Apple Support UK Phone number or from your current service provider.
  • Successful additions of the email client are followed by the Done button and asking you to choose the services you would link with it, like mail, notes, calendars, contacts.Apple Mac mail Support Phone number UK
  • The worst part is some clients like BT email, TalkTalk, Outlook may even give you a repeated warning about the password even after being added correctly, we, therefore, encourage you to contact our Apple Support UK Phone specialist.
  • Last but not least if there is still no JOY, seek help from Apple Support Number UK 0800 756 3355.

macOS Internet recovery, what is the significance?

Mac internet recovery is a wonderful choice for those who wanted to get their favorite operating system back. This highly recommends that you keep your computer up to date to stay safe and secure.

  1. Mac internet recovery serves two purposes, either take you to the operating system your Mac came with( start your mac holding Shift-Option-⌘-R).
  2. other options are to upgrade to the latest macOS that is compatible with your Mac ( Start your mac holding Option-⌘-R).
  3. Both these methods offer your choices to wipe the current hard drive and install a new Mac operating system, ask an Apple Support UK team.

Clone move and restore your iPhone data to a new iPhone, ask Apple Support UK Phone Number

This certainly is extremely disappointing when you fail to restore your iPhone data to a new device. The question is what can we do about this and how to perform is a successful transition. Well, an Apple Support UK engineer could help you understand this or the following simple steps.

  • Before you give up, sell or trade-in your iPhone, you check or create a backup on the iCloud. Since backups on the iCloud are sort of cloned data, which is why the most convenient way to restore them on to a new device.
  • Obviously this option of manually backing up only works if you are the possession of your device and its working. However, Apple devices by default backups to the cloud. Even though you must remember to regularly check for a most recent backup.
  • Proceed to set up the new iPhone and while setting up signing with the same Apple ID and choose the latest backup from the cloud. This is it, and you will pretty much all the stuff from the previous device.
  • Remember the download time may vary depending on the amount of the data and the internet speed.
  • You are welcome to discuss other backup questions with our Apple Support UK Phone helpline, call now.

Contact iCloud Apple Support Phone Number UK

With every Apple ID, 5 GB of free iCloud storage is allocated. Which is suppose to back up your valuable data, like contacts, photos, notes calendar and more. This iCloud storage can be modified based on the usage like you can pay for extra storage or even come back to default 5 GB. iCloud also grants full access to your linked in Apple products with finding my device options enabled. Because in difficult lost and stolen situations you can get full control including tracking ability.Apple Support UK Number for iCloud

Remember if your lost Apple device either runs out of battery or turned off, you can only spot the last known location. iCloud also offers features like erasing or removing Apple devices from the iCloud account in case of trade-in or the giveaway.

Talk to iTunes Apple Support UK Phone number

Get iTunes expert suggestions to help and Support Phone Apple support number UK. Quick and simple steps for the following iTunes issues, ask Apple experts.Contact apple itunes support Phone helpline

  1. Support for iTunes startup issues on Mac and PC.
  2. Libray files issues.
  3. Help to organize the iTunes playlist.
  4. iTunes data migration to a new device.
  5. Sync, purchase and device authorizations for iTunes.
  6. Remove the unknown and cancel unwanted iTunes subscription or recurring charges. Contact iTunes billing support team 0800 048 0408.
  7. Contact iTunes Apple Support UK help for other problems.

Phone UK Apple support number for iPads

It used to be quite an excitement for the arrival of new Apple products every year but not anymore. Because it is so confusing for the past couple of year to even remember the models Apple iPad have. What seems like Apple following other brands for the design and feature however it was absolutely the opposite a decade ago. Though Apple still stands firm on building premium products which further results in an extremely high price.Contact ipad customer support phone number uk

Apple iPads are definitely the most desirable tablet series inventions. If budgeting wasn’t the problem because of its performance and user-friendly interphase people would stick to this brand. Extended battery performance and whole day solutions have been possible with those lithium-ion batteries they carry. iOS the operating system for Apple mobile devices still delivers a smooth and refined experience. Countless ability and the neverending feature do not avoid Apple iPads to skip Apple support phone number UK.

Therefore to keep your iPad going, talk to the Apple iPad support phone number team for all help and support.

From restoring to update, email to apps, Apple ID and activation issues, you get spot-on iPad support all in one place.

What is iPad Email Support?

Due to their mobility, both iPhones and iPads are quite widely used for email communications and web browsing. Learn from an Apple iPad advisor how to add, remove, set up, update, and even compose emails using your iPad. Since only a minor error responsible for iPad email hiccups.

Apple ID Support Phone Number UK

Apple started offering,, and the latest domain is Because when you signing for Apple ID you can either choose your own email address or free email offered by Apple. Transitioning among these 3 domains kept your data the same. Get all Apple ID-related support in the most user-friendly manner, contact Apple Support UK and Phone Apple support number.

Know-How to Recover Apple ID account?

Multiple failed password attempts may lock your Apple ID account. It is highly advisable that you keep your security details in place to avoid any delay in recovery. Since the introduction of two factors, it protects your Apple account with an extra layer of authentication.Apple ID help and support phone number UK

Reset Apple ID credentials on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod

Go to settings > tap on your name at the top > choose password & Security option > enter the required details and finally “Change the Password”.

Apple ID password recovery on a Mac step by step instructions

Top left click the Apple logo > go to system preferences > Open iCloud > on the left click on the Account details > Finally choose “Security” tab.

Simple steps to create and set up an Apple ID account?

You easily signup for an Apple ID account, either via settings on one of your Apple devices or via and choose created Apple ID.

How to Update Apple ID account information, including the billing address and email?

Since there is little information you might need amending.

Your name, email address, card details for new and ongoing subscriptions. Log on to, and reset is self-explanatory.

How to permanently close your Apple ID account?

If you thinking of leaving Apple completely, follow the following steps.

Sign out of all Apple devices and apps also cancel all Apple iTunes subscriptions.

Afterward login to to raise the Apple account deletion ticket. This might take a while and you should hear one the successful deletion of your Apple account. If you still can’t do it call Apple Support UK Phone helpline.

Help from Apple Support UK forums

Verified Technical Support Tips via Apple forums based on the trending problems. Because this help is contributed by a team of various reputed advisors across the planet.

So how to Chat with Apple Support UK Phone Number?

You are never alone when you need the support on an urgent basis because the Apple team is available over the chat session 24/7.

What Apple Support UK Help you get on Social Media?

Various tending and compelling help on social media which includes compelling solutions for trending problems and updates.

Quick tips and Apple Support UK on Twitter

So if you ever interested in knowing what’s new about Apple head onto social media like twitter.

Latest Apple Support UK Tips and how-to on Youtube

With the launch of YouTube Apple support UK, you can get step by step video guide from Apple experts. 

Quick Apple updates you get on Facebook

How can we forget the most popular social channel, yes facebook, which also gives you the latest on Apple updates?

Here is the best trusted and tested security for Apple Mac

Since mac share in the market has increased malware attacks have become quite common. Because we don’t have time to manually verify every attachment and other files landing to our Mac, therefore check out these popular antivirus programs. They are pretty much close in terms of protection and pricing, Phone Apple support number UK.

Mcafee Total Protection, Norton Antivirus for Mac, Kaspersky Total Security, and Bitdefender Total security.

Learn how to Check your Apple Warranty

You can always opt to go an extended support and service coverage with Apple, which is usually 3 years for a new device. Please note like most other brands Apple also offers 1 year of limited warranty for both hardware and software issues. Check the following simple ways to find what support warranty you signed up with Apple. 

Purchase date and invoice

Invoice certainly is the best way to check the date of purchase, so gives a fair idea about your Apple Support UK agreements.

Warranty on the Apple Support UK website

Current support and coverage for your Apple devices can also be obtained online, via the check coverage Apple page.

Phone UK Toll-free and 24 hours Apple support number

Just in case if you are not comfortable in either of the above methods, so phone the Apple Support Number 24/7, 0800 756 3355.

How to get Authorized Apple Genius bar?

To reduce the workload and provide immediate services nearby Apple has authorized several service centers to repair and mend Apple devices on their behalf.

Help from Third-party Apple Support numbers

It is always wise to compare the repair or purchase costs on multiple sources, for example, an out of warranty repair from a third party or genuine Apple shop. Because there are various third party service centers who repair at a reasonable cost, which could expensive otherwise. Repair shops like PC world Currys, and local shops.

Before you even think about a repair Phone the apple support number to diagnose the issues.

How to safely recycle your Apple devices?

Trade-in your eligible Apple device to get a refund on the current purchase of a Store Gift Card. Free nature-friendly recycling even if you don’t qualify for a credit.recycling Apple help UK

You may also Recycle waste electronic equipment free of charge at local authority collection points.

  • for all options.

Want to Trade-in Apple product?

There are people willing to buy your used older Apple product, so sell them online. Check on eBay and register as a seller, wait for a good deal.

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